Bailaban las perolas

Bailaban las perolas [pots in Aragonese] is a short-duration piece created by Laura López Muñoz and Pablo Pérez Alonso intended for unconventional spaces where contemporary dance converges with tradition and folklore, investigating the loss of heritage throughout the stories left by our ancestors.   


Is a newly created project led by the Swiss ensemble Fx Kollektiv in collaboration with the composer Nuño Fernández Ezquerra and the dancers Pablo Pérez Alonso and Hanna Schaar.

Lo que nos une

Is a show that focuses on the spontaneity and diversity of the artists, aiming to highlight what brings us all together, eliminating stereotypes and prejudices.

Blanco y verde

Through music and dance, they combine detailed with improvised, forming a festive tandem with gestures to the past, the challenges of rural life, and their diverse artistic worlds.