“Telluris” is a newly created project led by the Swiss ensemble Fx Kollektiv in collaboration with the composer Nuño Fernández Ezquerra and the dancers Pablo Pérez Alonso and Hanna Schaar.

It is the result of an international artistic collaboration between Switzerland and Spain. The project will premiere in its first phase in these two countries and aspires to have a long international journey with concerts in various European countries.


“Telluris” is a show that combines music and dance to immerse us in a multisensory journey through the different layers of our planet and its materials.

The group explores the beauty and fragility of our home, reminding us that we are part of a larger whole and that our connection with nature is essential to our existence. Therefore, Telluris celebrates life, creativity, and the connection with our planet.

In this concert, music and dance merge to represent the geological essence of our planet. The dancers, as metamorphic beings, embody the different materials, colors, movements, and forms of the Earth, from the crust to the core.

Bloques sonoros, melodías y texturas evocan las fuerzas internas y materiales que dan forma a nuestro planeta, desde los minerales hasta los movimientos más profundos en su interior.

As dance and music intertwine, we dive into the profound connection between the Earth and art.