Bailamos en inclusión


In 2016, Pablo Pérez Alonso embarked on a project of inclusive dance as a volunteer, collaborating with the Down Huesca Association and Cristina Pérez, a Music teacher. The aim was to break down barriers and prejudices between society and disability. Through music and dance, performing arts were advocated as a means of liberation and sharing, irrespective of each person’s abilities.

Project description:

In 2019, the project consolidated with funding from the Huesca City Council. The project continued to explore dance with individuals with intellectual disabilities with yearly public performances showing their projects.

In 2022, “Bailamos en inclusión” takes a significant turn transforming weekly classes into a mobile dance and movement laboratory that operates in unconventional spaces, opening participation in the workshops to anyone willing to move and explore with their bodies. Moreover, in each session a professional choreographer or dancer is invited to share their knowledge with the participants. Notable contributors to the project include Nuria Alaña, Yaiza Caro, and Laura López Muñoz. At the end of the workshops, public performances are held to share the hidden aspects of an artistic creation project, bringing dance and society closer together in a more intimate way.