Materia. Descalzinha Danza


“Materia” (Matter) is a creation and research project hold at Espacio Descalzinha Danza. During the 2022/23 season, Pablo Pérez Alonso was one of the selected performers to participate in three creations by choreographers Mey Ling Bisogno, Richard Mascherin, and Mercedes Pedroche.

Mey Ling. Bisogno. “Efecto mariposa”.

‘El efecto mariposa’ a concept from which to start to investigate with the group as a metaphor for a work process that grows day by day, in a chain, where each member is important, a detailed work in how bodies relate, affect each other and They influence each other, generating a domino effect movement, which grows with the music, transforming through energy, gaining in relation to the different qualities.

Richard Mascherin. “Cae conmigo”.

Beyond the verb, the experience and the action, the investigation focuses on everything that surrounds the idea of the fall both in the literal and figurative sense, leading the group and the viewer to a transformation of the bodies and the scene. It is accompanied by an original soundtrack where electronic music predominates and which supports and enhances the action. Resistance and strength as an energetic guide through repetition, physical surrender and an infinite fall of free bodies, where the group merges as a single human mechanism.

Mercedes Pedroche. “La invención de la realidad”.

A skirmish against our worries. An attack against our sadness and restlessness. We are going to abandon that archaic sense that based our education on the breaking of the will. We will stop being disciples and become wild maroons of our steppe.

In this theater we don’t have artists, we don’t have politicians. We don’t need to be reminded of our future. Here we choose not to know anything.

We ride lost between two eras, suffocated by information that we can no longer assimilate or believe. For this reason, in this no man’s land we have replaced hatred with oblivion. Any action, whether cruel or tender, will be born from our innocence, our ephemeral sensitivity, our deafness.

In this theater we only have candidates, beasts trained to replicate their joy and willing to compete for the joy of experiencing a FREE ACT.

Photography and video: Juan Carlos Toledo, Támara de la Fuente and Mercedes Pedroche.”